11 Tips To Play Better Business Golf

Golf is often seen as a tedious and time-consuming sport. However, business golfing can be a great way to network and build relationships with potential clients.

Yes, there's something about taking the edge off high-pressure meetings that hitting a few golf balls around helps to accomplish.

Of course, striking a balance between the actual game, and closing business deals is your ultimate outcome, but that doesn't mean you want to approach the game with a business-like attitude.

Here are a few tips to help you and your partners enjoy your next round of business golf, while still staying focused on the task at hand.

Dress The Part

When it comes to business golf, the way you dress can have a big impact on your success. Not only do your clothes reflect your level of professionalism, but they also send a message about how seriously you take the game and the opportunities it presents.

golf attire

Dressing appropriately shows respect for yourself, your colleagues, and the sport itself. It can also affect things like comfort and mobility on the course, making it easier for you to focus on your game and impress potential clients or partners. In short, when it comes to business golf, dressing the part is not just about following unwritten rules or fitting in with those around you – it’s about presenting yourself in the best possible light and setting yourself up for success.

So break out that polo shirt and khakis – because in business, how you dress truly does matter. Remember, first impressions matter!

Don't Rush To Talk Shop

Playing business golf is a great opportunity to network and make connections, but it's important to remember that it's still a social outing first and foremost. Jumping into shop talk too soon can come across as rude and desperation-fueled.

Instead, focus on getting to know your fellow players and building a rapport before discussing business. It also gives you the chance to gauge their interest in your industry and see if there could potentially be a fit for future collaboration. Plus, talking about something other than work may lead to unexpected common ground, allowing for more genuine and relaxed conversation throughout the round of golf.

In the end, taking your time with shop talk can lead to better networking opportunities and stronger relationships in the long run. So remember, always let personal connections come before professional ones on the golf course.

Do Your Research

As with any business interaction, it's important to do your homework before heading out to the golf course. By researching your potential clients or colleagues ahead of time, you will have an understanding of their interests and preferences, allowing you to have more meaningful and productive conversations while playing.

It also demonstrates respect and professionalism, setting a positive tone for the rest of the business relationship. Furthermore, knowing the details of a person's work can lead to potentially valuable connections or ideas that may not have been apparent without that prior research. In short, taking the time to do your research before playing business golf can go a long way in making your interactions successful and impactful.

Warm Up Before Diving In

One might think that business golf is a leisurely activity, but in reality it can be physically demanding and competitive. Not only are you constantly walking and swinging the club, but the pressure to perform in front of colleagues and potential clients can add extra tension to your muscles.

golf warm up

As a result, warming up before hitting the links is crucial for preventing injury and improving your game. A proper warm-up helps increase blood flow to the muscles, prepares your body for physical activity, and improves flexibility. In addition, taking a few minutes to warm up can mentally prepare you for playing an effective round of business golf. So next time you hit the course, make sure to take some time to warm up before teeing off. It will benefit both your physical well-being and your performance on the green.

Mind Your Language

When playing golf with potential clients or business associates, it's important to remember that you are representing not only yourself but also your company. The way you carry yourself on the green can have a major impact on potential business deals and partnerships. As such, it's crucial to be conscious of your language.

Swearing and crude jokes can easily offend your fellow players and give them a negative impression of both you and your company. In addition, using racially charged or homophobic language can not only ruin relationships but also result in legal consequences. So when hitting the links for a business outing, make sure to mind your words and cultivate a professional image. Doing so can greatly improve your chances of success in both golf and business.

In addition, language barriers can also limit communication during a round of golf, leading to miscommunications and missed opportunities for networking. It's important to not only watch the words you use but also pay attention to your body language and tone of voice. By being conscious of the way you communicate, you can ensure that business golf remains a positive and productive experience for all involved.

Don't Drink Too Much

Even though you want to be friendly and relatable with potential clients, it is important to remember that you are still representing your company.

Although it may be tempting to drink a few extra drinks to loosen up, it is integral to stay within your limits.

Drinking too much can lead to embarrassment and poor decision-making. Not only will you be more likely to make mistakes on the course, but you will also be less able to hold meaningful conversations with clients or potential partners.

In addition, alcohol can impair your judgment, making it more likely that you will make deals that are not in the best interest of your company. For these reasons, it is important to stay sober when playing business golf. By doing so, you will be able to focus on the game and make sure that you are representing your company in the best possible way.

In fact, we recommend you fuel up appropriately before your game and also stay hydrated throughout. Eating a nutritious Whole In One Bar will help improve your focus and energy levels while staying hydrated will prevent fatigue and help you maintain your concentration.

Heck, why don't you share them out on the course? Your business partners will likely be impressed by you sharing your secret nutritional weapon.

Don't Act Too Much Like A Know It All

whether you're new to the game of business golf, or playing for years, it's important to be humble and avoid acting like you know everything.

This is because chances are, you don't know everything and someone who does could quickly put you in your place.

Not only that but acting like you know everything can come across as arrogant and make other people not want to do business with you or even socialize with you for that matter. Business golf is all about networking and building relationships, so it's important to be friendly and approachable. When you act like a know-it-all, you're more likely to alienate potential business partners and clients. Remember to stay humble and let your skillful actions on the course speak for themselves.

Don't Forget Your Business Cards

While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, business cards are a must-have for any business person, especially if you're looking to network on the golf course. For starters, business cards help you make a good first impression. They show that you're professional and that you're serious about doing business.

business cards

Furthermore, business cards give you a way to exchange contact information with potential clients and customers. And if you're playing business golf, chances are you'll be meeting a lot of new people who could be interested in what you have to offer. Finally, business cards can also be used as a promotional tool. You can use them to promote your website or blog, or even your latest product or service. So if you're serious about doing business, be sure to bring along some business cards the next time you hit the links.

Keep Up The Pace Of Play

Golf is often seen as a leisurely game, but in the business world, it can be a useful tool for networking and building relationships. When playing golf with busy professionals, it is important to keep up the pace of play.

This sends the message that you are efficient and focused, two qualities that are highly valued in the business world. It also shows that you respect your opponents' time, which can help to build rapport.

Finally, maintaining a brisk pace of play demonstrates that you are confident and in control. All of these qualities can help you to close deals and build relationships on the course. So next time you tee off for a round of business golf, make sure to keep up the pace. It will pay off in the long run.

Maintain Proper Etiquette

Regardless of how important you might think you are, there's no replacement for good etiquette. It's important to remember that golf is still a game, and proper etiquette should be observed at all times. This means being respectful of other players and the course, and keeping your cool even when things aren't going your way.


Game etiquette standards remain as important as ever too, including yelling fore and replacing divots. If you want to make a good impression on the course, be sure to mind your manners and stick to proper golf etiquette.

Always make sure you put your best foot forward on the golf course, and with a little bit of effort, you can make sure that your next business golf outing is a success.

Remember To Have Fun

Golfing is meant to be a fun way to network and build relationships. Enjoy yourself out on the course and remember that nobody is perfect. If you make a mistake, just laugh it off and move on. Nobody likes a stick in the mud or someone who tries to be a perfectionist.

After all, you're not in the office, you're out on the golf course! So relax, have fun, and enjoy your time doing what you should be doing on the course- playing great golf.

Final Words

You might think that business and golfing don't mix, but in reality, they are a very good match. Taking the edge off negotiations with potential clients and business partners is beneficial for all parties involved, and seeks to build trust and faith in the process.

Just remember- don't make it an interview or sales pitch, nobody likes that. And finally, always have fun, since you're golfing after all!