The Best Golf Drinking Games to Play on The Course

Do you always play golf with a stiff upper lip? You're not much fun are you?

All jokes aside, you know what makes for an extremely enjoyable time on the golf course? Alcohol.

Yes, we said it. Having a drink- or several, can actually make you enjoy golf many times more than you normally would.

But what if, instead of just playing golf, you play novelty drinking games? These aren't your basic drinking games when playing a round of cards, but instead specific to the game of golf.

Heck, we dare say that your game might even benefit from the new "challenges" you might encounter

Ready to have some fun? Then let's go!

Is It Okay to Drink While Playing Golf?

The answer to this is an easy one- yes, its absolutely ok to drink when playing golf. Of course, we assume that everyone else playing with you is of legal age, and also ok with having a good time with some cold brews.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that excessive drinking will impair your ability to play golf and could even put yourself or someone else at risk. We strongly caution against drinking to the point that you stagger to walk or maintain a sense of balance.

Ready for that list now?

Tee Box Drinking Game

The tee box drinking game is what I like to call the "great equalizer". Why so? Because it helps to level the playing field!

To start this game, every golfers tees off from the furthest tee box on the course. Don't think you are cut out for the distance? Have a drink! This game works the same for everyone, no matter your skill level.

For every tee that you move closer, you take a shot or a beer.

By the time you reach the closest tee box, you should be feeling quite nice and loose. That's when you know that the great equalzier has taken effect.

Keep Your Beer In Your Hand

This game is fairly easy, as long as you keep your head on. Basically, all you need to do is to always have a beer in your hand throughout the course, except when you are actually hitting the ball.

beer in hand

If you have to put it down, or forget to keep holiodng it, you down the entire beer and start over with holding a next one. Sounds simple enough, right?

Not so much. See, the problem is that each time you drink a beer, you increase the likelihood of forgetting to hold the next one.

It can quickly turn into a slippery slope for you and cause you to be as drunk as a fish just a few holes in.

Even Or Odd

Even or odd is a game that balances the playing field for all- in way. Before the round starts, each player chooses odd or even numbers.

even or odd

Then, as you approach a hole of your choosing (either all even or odd holes), you drink a shot to have a beer. You have until you have completed that particular hole to finish the drink. If you are unable to do so, then begins the fun part; you take two shots on your next hole.

This ups the ante and makes the game much more intense. You need to chose your shots wisely and pace yourself...and not too quickly!

Sand Trap Game

The sand trap game can help bring out the best in you. How so? Because you won't want to hit the sand trap, thus you will be extra attentive to make sure your ball doesn't land there.

In the sand trap game, if one of your shots lands in the sand, then you have to take a shot or chug some beer. This can incentivize all players to not hit their balls into the sand traps and help keep everyone focused.

Plus, as long as you remain in the trap you take a drink for every shot you play while you're still there.

Mulligan= Shot

Some players take mulligans, others don't. If you are one that would like to take a mulligan, there's a gift waiting for you to be had. Can you guess what that is? If you opt to take the mulligan, you have to take a shot or drink beer.

This is another great way to keep players focused and make sure they are aware of their shots and not just taking mulligans willy nilly.

The Bogey-man

Are you scared of the bogey man? You should be if you constantly make high scored. The premise of this game is simple; for every stroke over par you score after each hole, you drink. A quadruple bogey? That will cost you four drinks.

Yikes! That's a lot of drinks. But, it will keep you focused and from making mistakes that can cost you the game. If, however, there are many amateur players, maybe limit the drinks to sips instead of complete shots.

Birdie Penalty

If you're a good player, this game was made for you. The spin is a bit different, however. If you are able to score a birdie on any hole, the rest of the group has to take a shot! This could provide a nice advantage for you , as it could make your opponents a little more woozy and incoherent.

Want to mix things up ever more? If you manage to make an eagle, increase the drinks required to two. Or, if the entire group is skilled and making birdie fairly regularly, change the game to the eagle penalty instead.

Pin-ner Takes It All

This is another penalty-like drinking game for the players with the highest scores. While commonly played on par 3 courses, it can in fact be used on any course.

The way it's played is simple; after teeing off, the player that lands closest to the tee is safe. Everyone else takes a shot.

If your shots are off base then you'll want to be careful with your shots, otherwise you'll be taking quite a few drinks throughout the day!

Water Hazard Game

This drinking game is pretty much the same as the sand trap game, so be prepared to take a shot everytime you send a shot in the wrong direction.

man searching in water hazard

Fairway Drinking Game

The name of the fairway drinking game should be self-explanatory about what it does. Any player who doesn't make it on to the fairway after teeing off has to take a drink.

It's important to note that if your ball does get on the fairway, no matter how close it is to the edge, you are safe and will not have to take any drinks. However, if your shot is off base then you'll need to pay up!

Hole In One

A Hole in One is a celebration! That's why, if any player makes one, the entire group has to take a shot and have a Whole In One Bar in celebration. They aren't a frequent occurrence, so when they do you need to drop what you're doing and have fun.

Loser Foots The Bill

This is another common par 3 hole game, played by seeing who is farther away from the hole after teeing off. Loser buys the next round of drinks!

So, if you're playing with a group of skilled golfers, this is the perfect game to make sure everyone stays focused and plays their best. The loser not only has to pay for the drinks but also misses out on the glory of winning!

The Drunken Driver

This game is best played on a par 4 or 5 course. After teeing off, the player furthest from the hole is designated as the "driver." The driver then has to drink for every stroke their ball takes until they reach the green. If their ball doesn't make it to the green, they must drink for every stroke until they reach the hole.

If someone else's ball makes it to the green before the driver's, then that player takes over as driver and the original driver becomes a passenger. The passenger then drinks for every stroke until they reach the green. If their ball doesn't make it to the green, they must drink for every stroke until they reach the hole.

The last player left standing (or drinking) is the winner!

The Chip Shot Celebration

Making a chip shot from the fairway or fringe is a great accomplishment, and similar to the whole in one game, everyone takes a shot.

The drinks themselves should be worth a cause for celebration, so work on improving that chip shot!

Why Should You Play Drinking Games?

You'll Have Tons of Fun

A drink here and there on the course will makes for loads of fun. Alcohol is a relaxant and makes you more sociable.

Not to mention that it will help take the edge off of play so that you have a much more enjoyable time.

It May Help Improve Your Score

Even though the games are fun, it's still competitive golf. You will want to play your best, for the simple reason of dishing out those penalties to your opponents.

It's not surprising that it can help improve your score in the process .

Drinking games can help keep players focused on the task at hand, which is to hit a good shot. That focus helps golfers make better swings and shots - leading to lower scores!

It Will Help You Make New Friends

Golf can be an intimidating sport, so it's nice to have some friendly competition with a few drinks. Drinking games will help you loosen up and make new friends on the course.

So not only are you getting better at golf, but you can make new friends outside your group as well!

You'll Drink Responsibly

This is a major one, and one of those lessons that absolutely need to be learned. Given, not everyone will be a seasoned drinker per see, but throwing all caution and concern to the wind when playing in an effort to down as many shots as possible is just reckless.

There's an unwritten rule that you shouldn't drink more than one shot per hour, as this will help you stay hydrated and keep your head on the course by sipping water in between shots.

It's clear that golf drinking games are a great way to have fun at the course while still playing responsibly.

Get Something More Out Of Alcohol

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essential amino acids cocktail

That way, you're actually fueling your performance on the course!

Final Words

While golf is extremely fun, sometimes you just want to add a bit more juice to the game. Playing golf drinking games is just one way of doing so, with tons of options available to choose from.

However, it's important that you play responsibly and never drink too much. Make sure everyone in your group follows these guidelines for a fun, safe experience! Happy drinking (responsibly)!