Driven by BrickHouse

We know. We take a while developing new products. We don’t simply white-label someone else’s formula or create “Hey, me too!” products. We put the time in from concept to final masterpiece. It was barely possible and we can’t be more excited to launch: Whole in One.

We have taken the same science used to develop Field of Greens and put it into a delicious bar packed with fruits and vegetables you won’t even realize you’re eating.

Our lead physician worked for one of those other companies and was upset by the product they put on the market. We put the time and money into developing something better. Sure, it’ll cost you a bit more for our bar, but that’s because it isn’t cheap powdered whey protein covered in chocolate. Whole in One bar is packed full of food. That’s right, FOOD.

Why is it geared towards golf? For one, there is a market for eating something healthier than the hot dog at the turn. Second, the current bars on the market suck.


Dates - naturally sweet, has antioxidants, supports a healthy digestive system and assists with blood sugar regulation
Almond butter - contains an array of fiber, folate, vitamin, and good fats. May assist with glycemic control and maintain blood sugars
Honey - rich in antioxidants, maintains better blood sugar levels than high fructose corn syrup. Contains a mix of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, and zinc
A full serving of vegetables with TruServ (Futureceuticals): 14 kales leaves, 4 spinach leaves, 1 broccoli floret. Not an EXTRACT but WHOLE FOOD powder.
Cherry chunks
Cocoa powder
Pick Himalayan salt


Our Whole in One bar is packed with protein, veggies, and healthy fats to get you to the 19th hole and that well-deserved beverage.